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If you are planning to open a new restaurant or remodel an existing one, then you must choose the right kitchen equipment that is essential for the success of your business.

Here, we have created a list of the important restaurant equipment, so you can ensure that you have covered everything when it comes to equipping your kitchen.

Take note that some types of restaurants may need more pieces of equipment that may not be included in this list. Keep in mind that this list only includes items that are a must in every restaurant, providing a foundation where you can evolve as needs arise.

Cooking Equipment

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The key to any commercial kitchen is the cooking equipment. When it comes to selecting proper cooking equipment for your restaurant, think of the pieces of equipment that you will use more often.

Smaller pieces of equipment are indeed less costly; however, they might not satisfy your capacity needs if you’ll be using them more often, costing you more in the long run. The following are some of the most important pieces of cooking equipment you need for your restaurant:

  • Range: Ranges can either be operated on gas or electricity, depending on the setup of your kitchen and your preferences.
  • Oven: This functional piece of equipment can be used for braising, roasting, baking, etc. That is why an oven or multiple ovens are essential for your business.
  • Deep Fryer: Although deep fryers are commonly used for cooking chicken tenders, French fries, and other favorites, they can also be used for frying up different kinds of foods.
  • Griddles: These are quite the same as grills; however, they come with a flat metallic surface. Griddles are essential in diners since they can be used in various cooking methods.
  • Grill: Charbroilers and other types of grills provide a tasty and smoky flavor that’s ideal for a wide range of recipes.
  • Holding Equipment: To maintain the specific temperature of your food, you need to place it in holding cabinets. This is perfect for proofing bread before baking or holding food until it’s time to serve it.
  • Toaster: If you are offering breakfast in your restaurant, then you will need a commercial toaster for your bagels and bread.
  • Coffee Brewer: It is undeniable that one of the most popular beverages is coffee, making it a great addition to your beverage menu, even if you are not opening a bakery or a cafe.
  • Salamander or Broiler: This equipment is perfect if you want to melt cheese, toast bread, or finish up dishes. Additionally, salamanders have a high heat output, which is perfect for broiling salmon or cooking foods.
  • Microwave: Microwaves allow us to reheat food products, defrost frozen foods, or heat up sauces.

Furthermore, aside from this cooking equipment, it is also essential that you choose the proper power type for your kitchen. Please check if you require additional gas hoses and other parts that will be installed on your cooking equipment so that they can function successfully.

Refrigeration Equipment

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Keep in mind that there are various styles of refrigeration equipment. So, be sure to choose the right style that matches your refrigeration needs and the type of restaurant that you have. The following are some of the examples that every restaurant might require.

  • Refrigerator: Some of the typical types of refrigerators are prep fridges, pass-through options, reach-in fridges, and walk-in coolers. Most likely, your restaurant will require one or more of these types.
  • Freezer: Just like refrigerators, there are also various styles and sizes of freezers. Be sure to choose the one that suits your food capacity and requirements.
  • Beverage Dispensers: Some casual restaurants and fast-food chains may require self-service beverage dispensers; however, others have installed them at wait stations. When purchasing a dispenser, be sure to consider the number of soft drink options you require and the brands you prefer.
  • Ice Machine: Ice machines are vital for restaurants that serve beverages. In addition, grocery stores, bars, and cafes might require ice for their blended cocktails or smoothies.

Storage Equipment

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Aside from refrigeration, all restaurants will require storage equipment and small wares for storing ingredients. The following are some of the pieces of storage equipment that are usually used in most restaurants.

  • Shelving: Shelving is essential for storing various foods in the freezer or walk-in cooler. Shelving can also be used for storing dry ingredients, dinnerware, pans, pots, and others. There are various configurations and sizes of shelving; hence, you can customize your shelving depending on your space.
  • Sheet Pan Racks: Although sheet pan racks are intended for transporting and storing food, they can also be used for holding and proofing bread. Since sheet pan racks are tall instead of wide, they only leave a small footprint, which is perfect for cramped kitchens.
  • Bussing and Utility Carts: Kitchens require bussing and utility carts for their utilities. It can be used at the back of the house for moving ingredients or heavy equipment or in the front-of-house area for bussing tables.
  • Drying Racks: Drying racks are used for storing equipment, but at the same time, they can also be used for air-drying it. At the same time, drying racks can also be used to dry utensils, cookware, cutting boards, dinnerware, glassware, and others.
  • Food Storage Containers: These food storage containers are considered ideal multi-purpose tools. You can use them for storing stocks, mixing up sauces, and preparing ingredients. Consequently, they can also be used for storing dry items such as rice or pasta. Most of all, most food storage containers have colored lids or markings, making them useful for color coding for easy organization.
  • Dunnage Racks: These are quite the same as drying racks since they can also be used for drying equipment. However, dunnage racks are just a few inches from the ground. That is why they are ideal for heavy items, such as large pieces of equipment, bags of rice, or canned goods.

Furthermore, when equipping your new kitchen with storage equipment and refrigeration, you should think about your menu as well as the quantities of food you’ll need to store. This can give you some idea of how many shelves, freezers, and refrigerators you’ll need.

Food Prep Equipment

The food prep equipment for your restaurant will likely depend on your recipes. The kitchen equipment list for every restaurant will vary. Instead of listing all the potential equipment you need, we’ve only included the essentials that are needed by most food service operations.

  • Prep Tables: These durable tables can be used for placing equipment and appliances. These tables can also be used as a surface for assembling dishes or preparing ingredients.
  • Food Processors: With this versatile equipment, you can reduce your prep time. Food processors can be used for slicing cheese, chopping vegetables, combining ingredients, making sauces, and much more.
  • Spice Grinders: Although it is economical to use pre-ground spices, freshly ground herbs and spices offer a unique taste to your recipes, providing them with more depth of flavor.
  • Mixers: Commercial mixers are often used in pizza shops and bakeries. Mixers are also useful for restaurants.
  • Blenders: Blenders are usually seen in cafes and bars. However, they also have other uses. Blenders can be used for creating marinades, combining sauces, or making drinks.

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