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We Provide Food Service Equipment in Colorado from Manufacturers

We Provide Food Service Equipment in Colorado from Manufacturers

Mountain Sales is the distributor and parts seller of food service equipment for the following manufacturers in the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, and Utah.

  • NACP (Amana Commercial Products)
  • NCarpigiani
  • NEverpure
  • NCornelius
  • NRMI – Clark Doors – Econocold
  • NScotsman
  • NVogt Ice

Mountain Sales is the manufacturer rep for the Rocky Mountain region for the following companies.

  • NBi-Line Conveyor Systems
  • NChampion
  • NExcellence Commercial Products
  • NRegal-Pinnacle Integrations*
To receive service or find a dealer in the Rocky mountain area, or if you are a dealer in need of more information, please contact us.

*Manufacturer rep specifically for Colorado and Wyoming
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We stock a large selection of equipment in Denver and maintain a large parts inventory.

In addition to being a * wholesale distributor or ** factory representative for the lines below, we offer full service installation and repair on most products.

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Our job is to help professionals to achieve their industrial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way.

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Our stock rotates quickly in order to stay up to date. When you need parts or food service equipment in Colorado fast, you can depend on Mountain Sales to have it.

Did you know that at we are also a full-service refrigeration and Amana/ Menumaster repair company?

We also carry parts for many of the product lines above.
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