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Refrigeration equipment plays an important role in the industrial and commercial refrigeration sector. If your company is searching for commercial refrigeration units, you came to the right place. Here at Mountain Sales and Service, we will be sharing with you the advantages of using commercial refrigeration equipment. If you think this article is beneficial for you, we encourage you to keep reading below to find out. 

What are commercial cooling devices? 

Commercial cooling devices are heavy-duty equipment used by commercial establishments because it is capable of withstanding huge amounts of workload. For restaurants, cafes, catering companies, and dining establishments, the kitchen is the busiest area and there are a lot of ingredients, food items, and perishable objects that need to be subjected to the right temperatures to prevent spoilage.

To properly store them, they must be placed in commercial refrigeration equipment so that they can be preserved and safely used for a long time. Commercial refrigeration equipment is needed by commercial businesses and establishments such as catering companies, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. 

What is refrigeration?

It is the process of maintaining a lower temperature for items to stay cool, safe, and fresh for longer periods. Most food items are perishable, so they need to be placed in refrigeration equipment to keep them safe to consume. High-quality materials and accessories are required for refrigeration units to function properly and maintain a specific cooling temperature that is required for keeping the food items, spices, ingredients fresh, safe, and intact and preventing them from getting spoiled. If you have a restaurant, café, catering company you must purchase or lease refrigeration equipment from reliable and trustworthy companies such as Mountain Sales and Service. 

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What is commercial refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration is the cold storage equipment used by commercial establishments such as reach-in fridges and freezers in grocery stores, supermarkets, food stores, and convenience stores. Walk-in refrigerators and freezers that are used in restaurants and cafes are also examples of commercial refrigeration equipment. 

Commercial refrigeration equipment has different functions such as:

  • Chillers – This type of equipment is used to keep food items and ingredients cool and prevent them from spoiling. The temperature is below the normal room temperature but kept above freezing. 
  • Freezers – This type of equipment is used to keep food items and ingredients protected from spoiling by keeping them frozen. The temperature used is usually 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Combo chillers and freezers – Combination commercial refrigeration units are used for chilling and freezing food items and ingredients to keep them fresh, safe for consumption, and avoid spoilage. 

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What are the advantages of choosing the right refrigeration equipment? 

Functionality and ease of use

Since there are plenty of refrigeration units in the market; you must choose ergonomic and functional refrigeration units so you and your employees can use them easily. It must be easy to pack and clean and its temperature control must be accessible and easy to adjust and operate whenever necessary. If you need refrigeration products in Denver, Colorado, you must choose Mountain Sales and Service. 

Choose a reputable brand

When choosing commercial refrigeration equipment, you must only choose a reputable brand. You must choose commercial cooling equipment that will keep your food items cold or frozen. When you choose cheap and low-quality brands of commercial refrigeration equipment, it will be prone to failure, and fixing them can be extremely pricey.

If you opt for durable refrigeration units such as fridges and freezers, they also need to be maintained regularly and may even need repair down the line. To avoid any type of failures early on, you must avail your refrigeration equipment from a company like Mountain Sales and Service. We carry brands that offer high-quality products for our clients. 


Choosing energy-efficient refrigeration equipment is necessary for every commercial business such as catering companies. The energy consumption of refrigeration units may vary from one brand to another. Although the better-functioning refrigeration models tend to be pricey, they can help decrease the utility and maintenance costs of your company. This will allow commercial establishments to save more money over time than when they opt for cheaper refrigeration units. The efficiency of the refrigeration unit will also help it last longer than its counterparts.

Using commercial refrigeration units can help save a significant amount of electrical energy. Frequent maintenance of these units can ensure that they can be used for a long time and will not use too much electricity, therefore, lowering your company’s electricity bills. The regular maintenance of the equipment helps maintain its energy efficiency and saves more energy in the process. 

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Plenty of storage spaces

The available space of the refrigeration equipment can depend on a few factors. You must check the available space in your commercial space or storage area. If you have limited floor space in your store or restaurant, you can use the vertical space to maximize the space for your products and stock that you can keep or display. If your business is growing you can consider getting more refrigeration units to handle more stocks and products. 

Make the space cleaner

As a catering company, you must maintain a clean and organized fridge and freezer so you can make sure that your food items, ingredients, and spices are properly stored. Having commercial refrigeration equipment in your store or restaurant will make the process of storing food items easier for you. You can clean the shelves and surfaces and allow you to easily check the fridge and the remaining inventory. Mold and bacteria can easily form and spread in small refrigeration units, which can be a major health hazard because bacteria and mold can access the limited spaces, while large refrigeration units can help you and your employees arrange the food items and other ingredients neatly and properly. 

The top-mounted solid door freezers have a compressor unit on the top part of the equipment which allows you to store food items or dishes and maintain the right temperature all the times to prevent them from spoiling. These types of refrigerators or freezers are made with high-quality materials that ensure their long-term durability. 


Refrigeration units come with a warranty for parts and labor. If there are problems, failures, or issues with your refrigeration units you must immediately inform us so we can repair or replace any dysfunctional part so you can continue using your refrigeration equipment to store your food items. 

Cold refrigerators

It can provide extremely cold temperatures to preserve food and other ingredients that will help create flavorful meals for your clients. 

Undergo testing and quality check

Commercial refrigeration equipment is checked thoroughly before they are sent out to the clients. Refrigerators are usually checked and tested for 4-6 hours to make sure they are functioning properly, while freezers are evaluated for approximately 16-24 hours. If any refrigeration equipment does not pass the company standards, it will be modified before another testing will be performed. 

Durable and long-lasting

In commercial spaces such as restaurants and cafes, meals and drinks are constantly ordered by customers throughout the day so this means the doors of the refrigerators and freezers are frequently opened, so having a reliable refrigeration unit is required to ensure that it is durable, sturdy, and endure frequent use.

Refrigeration units must be maintained and repaired if there will be an issue or failure that occurs. If properly maintained, a refrigeration unit can last for a long time. Commercial refrigeration units are durable and have sturdy hinges that can withstand the pressure for your company’s day-to-day business. This type of equipment is manufactured and designed to provide service for commercial establishments for a long time. 

Save money and reduce costs

Since the commercial refrigeration units are energy-efficient, they will also lower the electricity costs. Because it uses minimal electricity, it will result in more savings over time. Since it is functional and reliable, it can help preserve food items and store perishable ingredients making you save more money in the long run. The food items will not easily spoil. 

Large compressors

The compressor of the refrigeration unit is considered as its heart because it is responsible for moving the refrigerant throughout the unit and controls the overall temperature. When you purchase a commercial refrigeration unit, its compressor is better and more efficient than the typical standard refrigeration unit. 

Created for commercial use

This kind of refrigeration unit is designed specifically for commercial use. A commercial refrigeration unit differs from a standard freezer because its internal parts, processes, technicalities, and intended use vary from each other. Commercial refrigeration equipment is available in different sizes and they are built to comply with the standard and guidelines of food industries. Companies dealing with food such as catering companies, supermarkets, and restaurants follow proper handling of food and proper hygiene, which requires that the refrigeration units be deep cleaned regularly. 

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