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Commercial refrigeration equipment is vital to the foodservice industry and plays a key role in foodservice operations. If you own a foodservice business, you can rely on Mountain Sales and Service for all of your commercial refrigeration needs. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of commercial refrigeration for your business. If you think this information will be beneficial to you and your business, keep scrolling below to find out.

Commercial refrigeration systems are used for the long-term storage of ingredients and goods at ideal temperature and humidity. They can also be utilized to keep food products and drinks at optimal coldness, as well as prevent them from spoiling. In the event you operate a food service business and want to preserve your meals and beverages safe for consumption for your clients, you should acquire a commercial refrigerator from a trustworthy supplier like Mountain Sales & Service. We may provide a unit if required.

Why is commercial refrigeration important for foodservice applications?

Walk-in coolers

In a busy restaurant, walk-in refrigerators are frequently opened. When a walk-in cooler is opened, a lot of the conditioned air may flow into the kitchen and surrounding rooms. Walk-in coolers can be used to preserve large amounts of food items. A foodservice operation must have a walk-in cooler and freezer that can keep your products and meals fresh by providing optimum temperatures. If you don’t have one, your ingredients and food items might become spoiled or rancid, making them unusable.

Provide clients’ needs

If you operate a foodservice business and have an under-counter refrigerator, a deli case, or a drop-in well, these commercial refrigeration units allow your items to be seen by your consumers and reached for. This way you can meet their demands as needed. Keep in mind that after your product is used up, it should be kept in ideal storage conditions.

The temperature is also significant. Your grab-and-go cases and merchandisers must be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they maintain the correct temperatures and operate effectively so that you can be confident that your food and beverages stay fresh. You may also save money on operational expenses by avoiding spoiling and decomposition of your meals and drinks.

Cold foodservice conditions 

Mountain Sales & Service can assist you with your commercial refrigeration needs. We understand that commercial refrigerators are required to provide the coldest possible foodservice conditions. Blast chillers, for example, may be used to quickly transport meals from a cooked or semi-cooked state to cold storage. You will not be delayed waiting for the food to reach ideal frozen storage conditions while you wait. You must also make sure that your commercial refrigerator is using condenser circuits so the ice makers are working correctly. Commercial refrigeration equipment is required to keep food products and ingredients at the appropriate cold temperature for as long as possible.

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If you value your business you must keep your food products at ideal storage temperatures as it can be the cause of your food spoiling and even ruining your reputation with your clients. You must avoid using commercial refrigerator equipment that is old and outdated. 

When you own a foodservice business such as a restaurant, grocery store, food truck, or catering company, you will rely on refrigerated food items and ingredients, so you must purchase a commercial refrigeration unit. 

There are different types of refrigeration units available in the market, and that’s why you need to get the correct commercial refrigeration unit for your foodservice business. A commercial refrigeration unit will help you keep your products and ingredients in optimal storage conditions. 

A commercial refrigeration system will keep your products at optimum storing temperature and preserve their taste without affecting their quality. Foodservice businesses can use commercial refrigerator equipment that has a type of built-in or free-standing unit that provides a storage area for food items, products, and ingredients. 

As a foodservice business owner, you must also keep your unit well-maintained because it is bound to break down as you keep on using it for storing your food items and products. You may try to have it repaired by repair stores nearby however it is not advisable. You must only hire a professional commercial refrigeration company because they know what they are doing. Hiring commercial refrigeration services will ensure that you will experience energy efficiency and cost-effective utility bills. 

Maintenance is a must

When you have a commercial refrigerator, it must be maintained on a regular basis. To avoid any mistakes or inefficiencies, you should hire a specialist to perform the services. As a result, you may keep your food products and components in ideal storage conditions, which will extend their shelf life and prevent spoiling. You may also save money by avoiding the expenses of food spoilage.

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Here are some of the tips to consider to make sure that your commercial refrigeration unit will run smoothly.

Check for drain clogs 

A clogged drain is a typical problem with commercial refrigeration units, particularly the drainage hose. Water leakage and defrosting difficulties can occur at any time. The defrost setting on a business refrigerator prevents ice from forming on food items and ingredients within it. When a blockage occurs in the drain, the refrigerator unit will not work properly, and your things may become rancid or spoiled if the difficulty or issue is not resolved promptly.

Check the condenser coil regularly

A clean condenser coil is required for a commercial refrigerator to function properly and achieve the best storage and operating temperatures. The condenser coil of the refrigerator can get clogged with dust, debris, or hair. When the condenser coil becomes blocked, it will be difficult for the appliance to reach and maintain an optimum temperature for storage. You may clean the condenser coil using a cylinder brush; this method allows you to remove any dirt, dust, trash, or hair that has gathered there.

Inspect the gasket regularly

One of the important maintenance services a professional can do for your commercial refrigeration unit is to inspect the gasket regularly. The gasket is responsible for creating a tight seal when closing the refrigeration equipment door. If it is already old and torn, cold air from inside the unit will escape, which can cause the compressor and condenser of the unit to work harder to provide the optimal storing conditions for the products inside it. It must be checked regularly to ensure that it is not worn down or cracked. If you notice it is torn and worn down, it must be replaced immediately. You can ask for assistance from a professional to do the job accordingly.

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For a commercial refrigeration unit to function properly you must keep your unit maintained by refrigeration service experts. This will make sure that your unit will last longer and keep your cost low for a long time. 

If you need a commercial refrigeration unit, you must choose Mountain Sales and Service. We provide different services such as installation, maintenance, repair, etc. If you need a commercial refrigeration unit for your business, please contact us by filling up this contact form here

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We will also assess the intended location for the commercial refrigeration unit and check the exact dimension of the available space so we can help you fit the right type of refrigerator unit for your space. By doing so, we can help you find one that will fit the available space without affecting the flow of traffic in the surrounding area.

We can promise you that you will receive high-quality customer support. Please let us know if you have any queries. We look forward to assisting you with your needs.

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