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Are you planning to open a new restaurant soon?  Or do you want to upgrade your existing kitchen?  There is, honestly, a lot to consider.  Probably the most crucial part is completing the kitchen equipment list.

After all, your chosen equipment will ensure the execution of the culinary aspects of your restaurant in its day-to-day operation.

Your equipment list is a vital piece of your venture.  Outfitting your restaurant with essential kitchen equipment is crucial.  As with the home, the kitchen is your restaurant’s heart of the operation. Don’t forget to consider your menu and specialty.  Determine which items on your list are most important for your kitchen.

What are the various types of cooking equipment that your restaurant needs?

Ranges and Ventilation

Two types include gas ranges and electric ranges. Ranges provide the means to cook various items over electric heat or a gas-powered flame.  Restaurants use ranges to fire up food in pans and skillets, bring water to a boil, or simmer sauces. They are powerful pieces of kitchen equipment.

Whether you choose a gas or electric range, plan for proper ventilation when laying out your kitchen. The space can be crowded and scorching. Proper ventilation will ensure adequate airflow, keeping the room more comfortable for your staff.

Oven, Grills, and Griddles

Probably the first equipment in mind, restaurant ovens are built with higher power outputs and greater capacities.  In a restaurant, a range must tolerate cooking all day and every day.

Are you serving steak or burgers? They are best served coming fresh off the grill. Choose the grill with an added flat griddle surface designed for making pancakes or grilling sandwiches.  

You should also consider the space. You could get a commercial outdoor grill if you have an outdoor terrace. Otherwise, purchase an indoor grill.  Just put good ventilation in.

Food Processors and Mixers

Food processors make slicing, chopping, pureeing, blending, and blitzing various ingredients easy.  It is a must for making dressings, dips, sauces, and slicing up veggies. Restaurants with baked items on the menu will also require a commercial mixer.  Commercial mixers are built to handle more frequent and high-volume use.

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Food Prep Counters and Cutting Boards

Prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces are crucial to any commercial kitchen.  They come in various sizes and materials.  Choose surfaces made of stainless steel.  It protects against corrosion and can also withstand harsh cleaning products in commercial kitchens.  Also, they don’t absorb bacteria from food and meat juices.

Choose plastic or wooden cutting boards and surfaces.  They are easy to sanitize and clean.  Develop a color-coding system for cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination when you cut meats and plants.  Most restaurant kitchens use red for meat, yellow for chicken, green for veggies, and blue for seafood.

Freezers and Refrigerators

All restaurant kitchens own a refrigeration system.  It helps them keep their ingredients and prepared foods fresh.  Refs and freezers are also helpful in managing the establishment’s inventory.  For example, it is more cost-effective to buy 300 steaks and preserve them by freezing rather than buying ten fresh steaks every day.

Ice Maker   

Your restaurant will serve drinks.  Whether you have a bar or want to ensure that all your guests have a glass of cold water, you will need an excellent commercial ice machine.  An ice machine with an ice bin is a good option.  Ice is constantly ready for your staff to use at all times.  Depending on your preference, consider the type of ice you need, such as cube ice or nugget ice.

Safety Equipment   

Ideally, all commercial kitchens should own proper safety equipment.  A well-stocked first-aid or medical emergency kit must be required in a workplace that runs on fire and sharp tools.  Check your local fire department guidelines to learn the necessary fire, safety, and sanitation equipment.

Storage Racks and Shelving  

Shelving is an excellent organization and storage solution for various appliances and food items in your kitchen.  An organized storage system streamlines your operation and keeps it smooth and efficient.  Put the most-used tools and equipment within arm’s reach.  Store the things used less frequently on the top and bottom shelves.

Restaurant Cooking Tools  

Based on your menu, decide on the essential cooking tools to get.  From pots of different sizes, sauté pans, tasting spoons, mixing spoons, sheet pans, whisks, spatulas, ladles, bowls of all sizes, squeeze bottles, to bench scrapers.

Consider getting more than one of each item if you think your staff needs them.  It also pays to have an extra tool on busy days when your dishwasher cannot do it as fast as necessary.


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Your restaurant needs tons of cutlery, plate ware, bowls, ramekins, cups, and glasses.  How many tables do you have?  Count how many guests you hope to serve every night.  Based on this, you’ll know how many plates and utensils to get.  Also, factor in breakage, as it is common to lose a plate or glass every few shifts, especially in peak operations.


Vital to any kitchen, sinks provide spaces for hand washing, cleaning produce, defrosting frozen meat under running water, and washing the occasional cooking utensil.  Some health and safety authorities require a triple-sink wash station and a commercial dishwashing machine.  They are also looking for one that is dedicated to hand washing.

Point of Sale System or POS   

The POS system is crucial to every well-run restaurant.  This system allows servers and cashiers to enter a customer’s orders into a tablet or computer, which communicates with the kitchen staff.  It interfaces with a cash register, tracks customers’ orders, and tallies checks for payment.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)   

Recent technological advancements have benefitted restaurants as well.  Many restaurants use a KDS to move things efficiently throughout the entire restaurant.  It allows the kitchen staff to view all open orders on one screen.  Through this, the kitchen stays organized and fulfills orders accurately and on time while keeping things moving according to plan outside the kitchen.  KDS also collects all orders from the kiosk, online, and other third-party channels.

Getting everything your restaurant kitchen needs won’t be easy.  You will need precise planning, smart budgeting, and thinking to answer your restaurant equipment needs.  Assess your restaurant’s concept and menu to get a good sense of your requirements. 

Checking items off your restaurant equipment list is not an easy feat.  But you must ensure you have everything you need to set up your restaurant for success.  Pay due diligence and research to learn about the best equipment types and brands that work best for you.

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