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Ice is water frozen into a solid state. Turning it into a profitable business is absolutely a cool idea. Since water is the only raw material, the process appears to be very simple. You can focus on making the business profitable by running and marketing it efficiently.

Contrary to the old belief that ice is a seasonal and climate-dependent product, it is not. Interestingly, ice is a commodity in demand year-round, in different industries, and has endless possibilities. To name a few, food processes and storage, chemical manufacturing, concrete curing, and public consumption all require ice in their operations.

Several factors to consider before starting the Ice Business:

Who is your target market?

Ice can now be produced on a large scale. This is good news because several industries require ice in their processes. Are you eyeing offering your business to a particular one or multiple sectors?

The ice-cube business clicks with the retail sector. They use ice for household, food service, and event planning purposes. Whether for personal or their customers’ use, there is a constant demand to keep soft and hard drinks cold.

Big ice producers make sculpture-size ice blocks and supply them to distributors and retailers. They also often have the healthcare, refrigeration, food, fishing, and shipping industries.

Decide on your location.

Your chosen location is critical since the weather may affect your business. If you decide to start a business in a cold site, you may always be waiting for summer. Eventually, you will have to close your company because you will not have many customers.

Carefully consider where you would like to put up your business. You don’t always have to choose a place with a hot or tropical climate. A lot of ice businesses are thriving in different areas. It will depend on how you strategize and market your ice products.

Write your business and marketing plan.

Any business needs a good plan and a great marketing strategy to make it work. These plans and systems serve as your guide in going about your business. Please include information about how you will be operating the industry, the description of your company, and how it is different from others.

Getting your business model right is very important in this industry. Once you have invested in good equipment, the manufacturing process is not the problem. Getting the clients and distribution is. Think outside the box and always look for new opportunities.

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Check the required legalities.

All businesses are required to secure necessary documents for legal operation. Go to your local county office and inquire about the essential requirements. Once you have decided to go with the business, you can start with the applications to obtain the necessary papers.

How do you fund the business?

In the ice business, water is your only raw material. When you find a good water source, it sounds like you are good to go. But you need to invest in several types of machinery such as a sound filtration system, freezers, generators, and the most vital, the ice-making equipment. 

You will also need to find a facility to house these machines. A reliable transportation means is optional to allow you to deliver your products to your consumers. In addition, you will require other accessories for ice making and packaging your goods.

Do you have enough to fund these? Otherwise, you can borrow money from banks, lending firms, or other financial institutions. Crowdfunding and partnering with a local investor are also viable options. Keep in mind to loan only the amount that you are sure to be able to pay within the specified time. This is to avoid additional charges, or worse, losing collaterals.

Types of Ice

Not all ice is the same. They vary in size, shape, and usage. If you are going into the ice business, you should be aware of them. Which type of ice do you want to sell? Knowing which will also help you in picking the right ice-making equipment.

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Square ice cubes

These are the regular ice cubes most people are familiar with. These are perfect for big-volume applications, like bagging or dispensing. At home, they are best for soft drinks and mixed drinks. You can produce these bags and offer them to distributors who will sell them to consumers.

Round ice cubes

You can use round ice cubes in pubs, restaurants, and hotel bars for drinks. They are also called gourmet ice cubes and are crystal clear. Look into supplying this type of ice to high-end bars, hotels, and event planners.

Nugget ice cubes

You can also call them tubular, pellet, or pebble ice. They are soft and easy to chew. You can find them in health care facilities, restaurants, bars, and convenience stores. The melt rate is quick, but ice chewers favor them because they quickly absorb the drink’s flavor. They easily break when munched.

Ice flakes

This ice is utilized to keep things cold, frequently in coolers or other containers. Ice flakes are called flakes because the pieces are irregular in shape and size. They come in two varieties: chip flake ice and scale flake ice.

Chip flake ice is often used in packaging seafood, bakery ingredients, and medicines. This ice helps preserve the fish’s freshness and flavor. Ice keeps the chilled fish cold, moist and glossy. It prevents dehydration that could occur in other cooling methods, such as refrigeration. 

Scale flakes are large, flat, thin pieces of ice mainly used in the commercial fishing industry, particularly by processors with large ice requirements. This ice type is also utilized in the concrete industry, where huge volumes are often required in hot climates, requiring cold storage.

Crushed ice

Like round ice cubes, crushed ice is also used in the food industry. Commercially made crushed ice is completely clear and smooth. The cooling rate is faster, making it perfect for drinks and creating slushy beverages.

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Final word

Ice has become a staple in today’s market. It is crucial for household use in preserving foods, making ice-cold drinks or beverages, and even business establishments like restaurants and fast foods. Other businesses also necessitate ice for their daily operation. 

Especially in the summer seasons, high demand for ice is felt to make ice creams, slushies, and other ice-cold beverages. This cooling medium is also served in celebrations and social gatherings. It helps to refresh the crowd from the heat of the festivities.

Should you decide to go into the business, know that you can contribute to the food and refreshment sector and various fields of significance. These are construction (concrete cooling), biochemistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering, microbiology (storage of biological samples), health care (storage of medicines), and others.

The ice-making business doesn’t need a massive infrastructure or capital to run. Your most crucial investment would probably be in the ice-making machinery that you will choose. 

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